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Most importantly, my purpose is to preserve the bounty nature provides, to keep it intact as I transform grape into wine year after year.

Being “Majoros”
I’m lucky because I was born into a happy family right here in Tarcal, at the center of Hungary’s Tokaj wine region.

Tarcal has always been the ideal locus for me. Here is where I understood viticulture and winemaking, and where I grew to love and understand the land and all that Earth provides. Yet again, I feel lucky because I feel I have come to understand what the world and all the wine drinkers in it expect of and from Tokaj—both from its wines and its winemakers, a group I am proud to represent.
Treading this path is both a joy and a challenge; sanguine because of the appreciation and praise my wines garner, and testing as the hunt for the perfect vintage and the ideal element of improvement continues. There are lots of new adventures to be had, many thrilling experiences down the line, and the important thing is to keep learning, knowing, and growing
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