About Me

Welcome! I am László Majoros,
the owner, winemaker, and viticulturist of Majoros Winery and Wine Bar.

What’s truly important is to preserve the bounty nature provides through the grape harvest, to keep it intact as I transform fruit into wine.
My focus is on natural winemaking techniques, devoid of artifice and technical gimmicks. I aim to showcase the superior value of every vintage and the terroir intrinsic to each parcel of land. Wine is my calling card; I hope those who taste my wines make my acquaintance in a way, gaining a deeper understanding of who I am if they so choose. It is one of the most wonderful, intriguing drinks, wine—it is born of its own accord and keeps on growing and evolving, and I am beyond thankful to participate in this magical process.

Cellar Visits

wine tasting, wine bar, vineyard tours, artisanal cheeses and jams, hand-roasted coffee, specialty burgers, fully catered private and corporate events

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