Tarcal Bor 2016 Dry


The very first localized wine offering from the town of Tarcal, blended from local furmint and hárslevelű varietals grown across nine different vineyards (Basilicus, Kikelet, Kern, Degenfeld, Palásthy-Emmert, Myrtus, Kutató Intézet, Tokajicum, and Majoros). A real treat in a bottle with spicy, Mediterranean characteristics, this wine was exclusively produced from grapes sourced only from the sunniest parcels of the region.

Alc 12.5% by vol
Acid 7.4 g/L
Natural residual sugars 6.0 g/L

3 500 HUF each
3915 Tarcal, Téglagyári pincesor
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