Majoros Tokaji Natúr Esszencia (Nektár) 1993 Sweet 0,5 L


“Tokaji Esszencia” is a true Hungaricum, produced only in this part of the world, unique to Tokaj wine region. Originally a medicine, it was once sold in apothecaries due to its restorative qualities. “Natúr Esszencia” (i.e. a true essence) is produced when botrytized aszú berries release their thick nectar as they are gently pressed by their own weight. In fact, even Hungary’s national anthem makes mention of this natural wonder… Due to its exceptionally high natural residual sugar content (450-800 g/L) and its 5-6% alcohol content by volume, it stands out as no longer wine but not yet syrup. Intensified arsenal of all the distinct scents, aromas, and flavors characteristic of aszú wine. Intended as a choice, unique selection to commemorate significant, celebratory occasions.

Alc 5.0% by vol
Acid 13.7 g/L
Natural residual sugars 468 g/L

300 000 HUF each
3915 Tarcal, Téglagyári pincesor
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