Majoros Tokaji Dessert Cuvée 2016 Semi-sweet


Overripe tropical fruits with strong undertones of peach and pear scents. Hints of botrytis. An interesting blend of furmint and hárslevelű, bolstered with additional native Tokaj varietals kövérszőlő and zéta. A medium-bodied wine with pleasant acidity, one where flavors reflect the olfactory experience, albeit with newfound floral elements completing its fruitiness. Goes down easy and lingers long on the tongue—a lovely, “enjoy anytime” offering. Bolsters light desserts and lengthy conversations with friends.

Alc 11.5% by vol
Acid 5.5 g/L
Natural residual sugars 22.3 g/L

2 000 HUF each
3915 Tarcal, Téglagyári pincesor
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